2020 beauty trends here to stay...

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Nutrimetics Beauty Lab is first to bring you must-try trends. We bring you next generation innovations like luxurious, 'waterless beauty' formulations, to the trends that are here to stay like masking, clean and vegan beauty, plus superfood infused skincare and so many more. 


Plant powered formulas

Try Nutrimetics range


We have always had a ‘plants first’ perspective when it comes to our formulas. We’ve pioneered Botanical and superfood infused skincare for over 50 years. Thanks to the wellness and self care movement, superfoods will continue to be just as important for your skin as they are for your diet in 2020. View our classic ingredients here.


Clean beauty

Try IRYNA Skincare range


The beauty industry will continue to make the shift to ‘clean’ products thanks to increasing consumer awareness of ingredients. The demand for clean beauty is met by IRYNA, made of 96% natural origin ingredients. Learn more about our sustainable, clean beauty line here.


Vegan friendly

Try Comfort PLUS range


The global market for vegan cosmetics is expected to reach $20.8 billion by 2025*. Vegan-friendly skincare eliminates all animal-derived ingredients. Vegan skincare is made from plants and minerals as well as safe synthetic ingredients. With no harmful colourants, fragrances or parabens, you will love Comfort PLUS for ageing and sensitivity.


HEV & blue light shield

Try White-Age Range

White-Age for discolouration

You know you need to protect your skin from the sun’s age-accelerating UV rays. But new research shows that blue light emitted from mobile phones, computer screens, and certain light bulbs can also be damaging for your skin health. Make sure you try White-Age. It's infused with High Energy Visible Light (HEV Light) Shield, to protect  skin from screen time. 


Customisable beauty

Try Platinum Intense Skincare Programme

Platinum Intense Skincare Programme

Mini doses of ingredients in ‘customisable ampoules’, are a Korean beauty trend we predict to takeover Australia and New Zealand in 2020. Why? Encapsulating powerful ingredients into customisably prescribed dosages helps meet your skin’s specific needs - with the perfect amount of actives for accelerated results. 


Waterless Beauty

Try Ultra Care+ Super-C & Retinol

BeautyEdit-Vitamin C set

The beauty industry is recognising the importance of water usage in an effort to preserve this vital natural resource. Our multi-functional super serum is waterless and even more effective. By removing water from this serum, the ingredients are undiluted, making the actives perform better, Vitamin C especially.


Skincare for Lips

Try Ultra Care+ Lip Plumping Creme

BeautyEdit-Lip Plumper

The beauty industry is now flooding with new innovations for lipcare, where a lip product can have multiple skincare benefits, all combined into one. Lips are skin too, and some of the thinnest skin on the entire face. Unlike the rest of our skin, our lips do not contain any oil glands, which is likely why your lips need extra treatment. 

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