2020 Nutrimetics Annual Awards

Louise Buechner is this year's Queen and top achiever
Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

Presidential Director, Louise Buechner is 2020's highest achieving Nutrimetics Consultant for yet another year. Together with the hard work of her team, her multi-million dollar business grew by over 30% in the middle of a pandemic. Her story is incredible and she has many people to thank  along this incredible journey. Here are her inspiring words. 

It is a privilege and a pleasure to work in the beauty industry and to work with Nutrimetics. I joined Nutrimetics to earn some part time money 40 years ago at the age of 25. At the age of 27, I resigned from the NSW Police Department and became a full time Consultant. By the age of 29, I reached the highest level in the company, which was called ‘Senior Regional Director.’ I am very proud to have stayed at the highest level since the age of 29. I love that you can be raised in housing commission, not have a university degree, and still earn an income that most people can only dream of. It is amazing to think I earned double the average income of a School Principal in Australia last year!

Louise Buechner Queen of Nutrimetics

I have travelled overseas to over 50 different countries courtesy of Nutrimetics, fully paid for in five-star luxury. I have been with Nutrimetics to India, Africa, Egypt, Israel, London, Paris, New York, Mexico, the Caribbean, St Barts, St Martins, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Canada, Greece, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Fiji, Bali, Mauritius, Monte Carlo, and many more incredible places. I have driven so many company cars I cannot count, with free registration and insurance included. I would love my accountant to work out how much that has saved me for the last 38 years. I love my brand-new Mercedes, which was delivered in October 2020. I love that my multimillion-dollar business grew by over 30% in the middle of a pandemic. We quickly switched from face-to-face to online business and embraced social media. To each of you who dug deep, used every coping skill available and grew your business in 2020, I applaud you. I believe the secret to success is to practice, study and train. Your level of enthusiasm, plus your level of commitment, will equal your success.

Thank you to each member of my team for your enthusiasm and commitment, your positive attitude and your adaptability. You are beautiful inside and out and our products are the best. Thank you from Louise. The biggest thank you to my amazing, talented, and beautiful team of Consultants, Leaders, Executive Sales Managers, Sales Directors and my newest Executive Sales Director and son, Adam Buechner. Adam, you are creative, talented, and so much fun! To Ruth Mitchell, my gorgeous Sales Director who has been with me forever. To Rick Buechner, who purchased his Sales Directorship nearly three years ago and is just the most handsome Sales Director in the country. To Liz Testa, from Brisbane, Queensland, you are exceptional. I love your creativity and talent. I congratulate everyone in the team for this contribution because I cannot do it without you. I believe that we are such an elite team. I am so proud of every one of you. Our Executive Sales Managers are the engine room of Nutrimetics. Frankly, Nutrimetics would not have a business without you. Those are the words of Bill & Imelda Roche, who started this company over 50 years ago. You truly are a team of champions. Thank you to each of you for your dedication, your work ethic and your love of what you do. It is always a joy to see your progress on this wonderful career path that you have chosen to follow.

Thank you to my peers in the business. Each of you inspire me and I learn so much from you. I love our Seminars and our trips away and I cannot wait of them to start again. I love being part of your world on our Zoom meetings. Thank you to Aafke Grzic for being there for me through my two bouts of breast cancer in the last few years. I could not have made it without your friendship. Thank you to my family for your love and a big shout out to my granddaughter Charli Buechner and my grandson Kobi Buechner. I love you so much. To my PA Alicia Skinner, thank you for being you. To my Mum, thank you for always believing in me. To Vicki Reeve my gorgeous Upline, to Terry Jones, Ruth Farrell and Naomi Alberts for leading the way and to the remarkable Imelda Roche, who started Nutrimetics and is one of my mentors. Imelda encouraged, challenged, and taught us to stretch ourselves and reach our full potential as business leaders.

Thank you Linda, Nicki, Peter, Ashlee, Jane and Emma for the extraordinary support and leadership you have given me, and my team, throughout the past 12 months. Thank you to Angela and the customer service team. You are exceptional and I believe you are the best customer service team of any company in the whole of Australia and New Zealand. Nicki, as my Queensland Regional Manager, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and for going above and beyond to steer our way through the biggest pandemic since 1918. You and Linda have shown such great skill and have manoeuvred us through the closure of our manufacturing plant, lockdowns, uncertainty, chaos, and all of the issues that came with 2020. It was not easy for any of us, and it was not easy for you! We all rose to the challenge and I am so proud to be part of this remarkable company and to have the growth that we have for this past year. I am excited about the new products, new team members and fun that is to come.


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