5 easy ways to detox your home

Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

Spring-time is the time to tackle all those cleaning jobs on your list. From dirty ovens to making sure unused items are donated, to giving the windows a thorough wash or making sure the refrigerator is fresh, the list is endless. But what about our ‘toxic load’ around the home? We carefully watch what goes into our bodies. But when it comes to keeping a healthy home, it’s tough to know what’s truly safe for our families.

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‘Clean living’ can be as important as ‘clean eating’ as every day we come into contact with countless chemicals and toxins in our environment. The average house may contain as many as 400 chemicals according to a 2009 study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. With so many questionable chemicals swirling around, lowering your toxin exposure could definitely be a good idea. Reducing your contact with chemicals (even by just a little) can give clear health benefits. Try these detoxifying tips today                                                         

  1. Switch to Microfibre cloths

They pick up dirt and hold onto it (instead of spreading it around), meaning you don’t have to rely on chemical cleaners all the time. Plus, they last so much longer than disposable cloths and are far better for the environment.

  1. Bring the outdoors in

Houseplants are natural detoxifiers and have a natural ability to clean air, removing pollutants including Carbon Monoxide. Breathe easier by adding plants that will improve the air quality of your home.

  1. Leave shoes at the door

Everyday you can stand in nasty stuff like pesticides and lead dust. Keep out the dirt with a ‘no shoes’ policy, or if that won’t work in your home, invest in a dirt repellent door mat.

  1. Switch to NutriClean

One of the easiest ways to help reduce ‘toxic load’ is by turning to clean and green cleaning products in our home. By swapping harsh, chemical-laden products for plant-derived, natural products, we can ease the burden on our body’s natural cleansing processes. It’s best to avoid anything that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Triclosan or Parabens. You can be safe in the knowledge that our incredible NutriClean ranges contain the best natural ingredients for a sparkling clean home without nasties.

  1. Dispose of supermarket cleaners mindfully

Before you decide to toss out any old cleaners, read the label to see how to dispose of hazardous household waste. You should avoid pouring these products down the drain as it may contaminate water supplies.

 detoxifying tips

Switch to NutriClean Original Lotion Concentrate today

NutriClean is free of damaging toxic chemicals like Triclosan. Your family’s health can always rely on NutriClean (without compromising on results).

OLC products are made with no nasties

Natural cleaning products are much safer if they are accidentally inhaled, ingested or if they come into contact with skin. OLC formulas are pH balanced, clinically tested and approved by dermatologists to be non-irritating even on sensitive skin.

OLC is biodegradable

Using natural based cleaners helps reduce pollution to waterways and air. NutriClean OLC formula is created using biodegradable ingredients and are free from chemicals, like phosphates, that harm our environment


OLC is gentle and safe

With OLC, you won’t have to worry about exposure to nasties. That means you and your family won’t have to come into contact with harsh chemicals like Tricolsan, Chlorine and Ammonia. OLC is made of natural extracts from the Yucca Tree.


OLC means improved air quality

By replacing spray chemical cleaners with NutriClean, you’ll help improve indoor air quality, ideal if you have allergies. You won’t find any phosphates, formaldehyde, bleaches, chlorines or animal derivatives in our OLC formula.

 Detox your home


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