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Do I really need an eye and lip serum? Read the latest blog post to find out.

Written by Lisa

Do I really need an eye and lip serum?

The short answer is yes. It’s very important not to neglect the delicate skin around the eye and lip contours. Not only is this skin the thinnest and most delicate on your face; smiling, squinting, and pursing the lips causes micro-contractions of facial muscles. That means expression lines are more likely to appear. These lines become even deeper as we age. Some dermatologists recommend you start giving eyes extra care from as young as your teens.

Enter our newest innovation. NEW Platinum Advanced Eye & Lip Treatment firms, refills and redefines eye and lip contours in just 5 minutes (that’s record Platinum speed). Our new treatment creates an amazing ‘ironing’ effect on skin, for transformational results you will immediately love.

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But you might be thinking, 'why should I add yet another step to my regime?' According to Harper’s Bazaar, the latest trend is all about using fewer, but harder-working items that contain higher concentrations of effective ingredients. And that's the great thing about our newest treatment. You can now target two delicate areas with one powerful solution. (Who doesn’t want double the beauty benefits?) It targets stubborn smoker’s lines, crow’s feet, thin and creping skin. This needle-free mini-lift will refresh your appearance and confidence with amazing visible results both instantly and long term.



The Platinum skin application guide

Here’s where to fit NEW Advanced Eye & Lip Treatment into your regime


  1. Cleanse

Apply Multi-Active Cleanser to damped skin. Use just 1-2 drops. Massage into face and neck for 1-2 minutes using upward motions, thoroughly removing all dirt, make-up and oil. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Avoid the eye area.

  1. Tone

Warm 1-2 drops of Skin Regeneration Toning Essence between fingertips to activate ingredients and then gently pat into face and neck, avoiding the eye area. It acts like a toner and an intensive serum in one, so there’s no need to use cotton pads for application. Allow at least 1 minute to absorb into skin fully

  1. Serum

Use 1-2 pumps of Platinum Tight, Firm & Fill Face Serum. Again, warm with fingertips to activate formula and apply to skin, gently massaging face and neck with upward lifting motions. Skin will look and feel amazing within just 30 minutes of application.

  1. NEW Eye & Lip Treatment

Using only a very small squeeze of the extra concentrated serum, work the cooling tip around the eye contour area. Gently dab excess into crow’s feet, eye lids and dark circles. You can also work the formula into lip contours and laughter lines (avoiding lips). Allow to fully absorb for 1 minute.

  1. Moisturise

Gently massage DNA Cellular Age Repair Crème using light upward strokes into the face, neck and décolletage until formula fully absorbs into skin.

  1. Optional extra eye cream

  For extra hydration, apply a small amount of eye crème onto your ring fingers and gently pat into the skin surrounding the eye area from the inner to the outer corners of your eye area. Choose Nutrimetics eye crème of choice



Q: How do I apply it?

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A: ON THE EYE CONTOURS: After cleansing and toning, squeeze tube extra gently and use sparingly, massaging around the eye contour area. Work into crow’s feet, eyelids and dark circles. Gently pat any excess with fingertips. Allow one minute to absorb before applying other skincare and make-up.

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ON THE LIP CONTOURS: Move toward the lip area, massaging into the contours of the lips, deep laughter creases and smaller lip lines caused by pursing lips or smoking. Do not apply directly onto your lips and be careful to work around the lip contour area. Allow to fully dry.


Q: How is Advanced Eye & Lip Treatment different to Tight Firm & Fill Eye Serum?

A: You get three times faster results with Advanced Eye & Lip Treatment. It works in just 5 minutes versus 15 minutes to see visible results with Tight, Firm & Fill Eye Serum. The new Eye & Lip Treatment also gives you noticeable long-term firming benefits, only now even more effectively thanks to potent actives like Hexapeptide-48. While Tight Firm & Fill Eye Serum was only designed to work on the eye area, the new formula now targets two delicate areas (both eye and lip). You can also target feathering and smoker’s lines, as well as crow’s feet and deep set wrinkles in one advanced treatment.

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Q: How does it work? Which active causes the skin to tighten so quickly?

A: Tri-Lift Techhnology uses three advanced Botanicals Actives that provide a powerful and fast multi-lifting effect on skin. It works to correct deep wrinkles and fine lines with an instant smoothing and tightening effect. Tri-Lift Technology also relaxes the muscles, prevents collagen degradation and preserves skin


Q: What about the different applicator tips? Is the ceramic tip more effective than roller massage?

A: Advanced Eye & Lip Treatment’s cooling flat ceramic tip is faster and easier to smooth over the treated areas, for maximum absorption of actives around the delicate eye and lip contours. The ceramic tip also increases microcirculation and reduces puffiness.


Q: I feel a tingling sensation on my skin – is that normal?

A: Some people experience a slight tingling sensation when they apply Advanced Eye & Lip Treatment. This is the active ingredients working on the skin. However, as with all products, you should discontinue use if you experience any negative effects.

platinum beauty shot eyeQ: Exactly how much of the product should I apply around the eyes and lips?

A: You should apply just enough of Advanced Eye & Lip Treatment to massage and let fully absorb into the treated area. The formula is highly potent, so squeeze extra gently and use sparingly.


Q: Can I apply make-up right away after use?

A: Yes, allow for one minute for the formula to fully absorb and dry, then apply the rest of your skincare and make-up as normal.


See the amazing results for yourself and try Platinum Lip & Eye Treatment for yourself. 


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