Beauty’s biggest trends 2021

How many of this year's trends have you tried?
Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

We’re calling it. These are our predictions for the biggest innovations in beauty through 2021, with the pandemic having a huge impact on how we approach skincare. From ocean ingredients to self care as skincare, we are always one step ahead. So how many of these trends can you put to the test?


Probiotic skincare

TREND: Probiotic skincare

TRY: Platinum Skin Regeneration Toning Essence

Mark our words, you'll see ‘Probiotic skincare’ everywhere this year, as gut heath moves to skin health. There is "friendly" bacteria believed to support skin health via the microbiome. ‘The Lactobacillus Probiotic’ in Platinum Skin Regeneration Toning Essence works to re-balance the natural pH levels on the skin’s surface. Acting as a tonic to the skin, it increases skin firmness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sea ingredient trend


TREND: Sea ingredients

TRY: NEW Ultra Care+ Platinum Lift & Firm Power Masque

Move over Botanicals! Ingredients derived from the ocean are having a moment. While the beauty world has always focused on the power of plants, ocean plants and ocean sustainability programmes are gaining buzz lately. Think Sea Plasmas, Marine Collagens, Algae and Microorganisms. Our new anti-gravity masque combines Marine Bio Actives that recharge skin energy for an instant lifting effect, plus Water Reserve Complex with ‘Red Seaweed’, for long lasting moisturising benefits.

Hybrid products

TREND: Hybrid products

TRY: Ultra Care+ Super-C & Retinol Serum

We think combination products could well be the future of beauty. Why? Because we're caring more about the planet and our impact. It makes sense that multi-use products reduce waste. (2020 was the hottest year on record, after all.) So why buy a separate Retinol and Vitamin C Serum, when our hybrid formula gives you the skin perfecting power of both? And an added bonus, who doesn’t appreciate a simpler, faster routine?


TREND: ‘Skinimalism’

TRY: New creamy colours COMING SOON!

Skinimalism is all about embracing your natural skin with barely there make-up. The pandemic has meant many of us are wearing less colour than the norm - and spending more time on the ritual of skincare than ever before. According to the Pinterest, searches for “natural, every day make-up are up 180%. Look out for our NEWEST colour formulas launching next month. They are so creamy and natural, they become ‘one’ with your skin.


Blue light protection


TREND: Blue Light damage

TRY: White-Age range

With so many more of us working from home now, we are unavoidably spending more time in front of devices. Scientifically known as high energy visible (HEV) light, ‘blue light’ is emitted from mobile phones and computer screens. New studies are showing that HEV and UV light may actually incite similar signs of damage. Our White-Age range is infused with High Energy Visible Light (HEV Light) Shield, to protect their skin, all while fading discolouration.

The new exfoliation

TREND: The new exfoliation

TRY: Ultra Care+ AHA Complex Refining Solution

Move over scrubs and polishes because 2021 is all about 'liquid exfoliation'. Removing dead skin cells so that your serums and moisturisers actually work is important, otherwise they're just sitting on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating acids like AHAs (think Alpha Hydroxy Acids, like Glycolic or Malic Acid) exfoliate the surface of the skin and make it appear brighter. We highly recommend Ultra Care+ AHA Complex Refining Solution. It’s our multi-action, concentrated liquid solution for pores, wrinkles, pigmentation and more.

Self care skincare

TREND: Self-care as skincare


Many things contribute to skin health and one major factor is stress. It can affect your hormone levels and lead to breakouts. The world has been carrying a lot on its shoulders - and no doubt, many of you have too. In 2021, taking time for yourself is non-negotiable and skincare is the new self-care. Looking after your skin is just one way to minimise stress and anxiety in your lifestyle. Choose products that you can enjoy taking time out to apply mindfully with beautiful textures and natural fragrances. IRYNA range is guaranteed to make you feel great.


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