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Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

The secret to perfect make-up is making sure you’re using the right tool for the right job. A good quality make-up sponge can be one of the most versatile products within your beauty arsenal. Make-up sponges give the even coverage that sometimes a make-up brush or fingers simply can’t, especially when it comes to blending formulas into the more intricate areas of the face - including the hairline, neck and under eyes. Beauty sponges come in all different shapes and sizes, they can be used wet or dry, they can work on multiple areas of the face and they blend easily with cream, liquid and powder formulas. Read on to see how to get the most out of make-up’s favorite applicator.

 beauty blender

Brushes vs sponge

Make-up brushes allow for precise application. This makes them ideal for applying powder formulas. (You can read how to find the right brush here.) Fingers are also great for products that work better warmed up a bit, like creamy eyeshadows. But when it comes to your foundation application, for the most flawless, even natural coverage, nothing compares to a damp beauty sponge.


Choosing the right blender

Larger areas? We recommend Professional Blender Sponge. It’s your foundation’s best friend, seamlessly working the formula into skin so it becomes virtually invisible. And for the finer details? Our cute Baby Blender Set will be a multi-coloured hit for your most perfect base. This colourful set of four uniquely shaped mini blender sponges are the perfect size for precise blending. With rounded, pointed and flat ends, each blender shape is designed to apply make-up to the smallest parts of the face, for targeted concealing, highlighting, contouring, setting and detailing. These lightweight and portable baby blenders can be used wet with liquid or crème make-up, or dry with powder make-up, to cover all your blending needs for a flawless finish.

 Mini beauty blender

Professional techniques

There are so many different ways to use blender sponges in your make-up routine. Try these blender sponge tricks for yourself and see how easy it is to elevate your colour looks.

  1. Full coverage? Go dry

Big event coming up? Apply nc Cover Rich Moisturising Foundation SPF 15 with a full size blender for an airbrush finish.

  1. Dry patches? Add a booster

Smooth over flaky, cakey foundation patches by buffing a drop of Nutri-Rich Beauty Elixir using any mini blender in small circular motions.

  1. Dewy skin? Dampen

Dewy fresh skin is the effortless glow everyone loves. Soak your sponge in water and squeeze out excess before applying the Nutrimetics foundation of your choice.

  1. Brighten panda eyes? Bake!

You can try the ‘baking technique’ by using a damp sponge and concealer – then adding a layer of nc Face Filter Setting Powder. Use a tapping motion to brighten and set.

  1. Set like a pro? Spray & dab

Mist any sponge with Professional Make-up Setting Mist and use it before applying colours to make your looks last double time.

  1. Fast eyeshadow? Mini dab

Look like you’ve spent hours on your eyes. Just gently dip in the corner of your mini sponge into your matte or shimmer eyeshadow colours then softly dab onto eyelids.

  1. Fix mistakes? Beauty blot

Even professional make-up artists occasionally go overkill with the blush. Use a damp beauty blender to blot and blend away mishaps, for your rosiest glow.

  1. Blurry lines? Micellar + a mini

Is your winged look a little messy? Clean it up using a drop of micellar water and the sharp edge of mini blender by tracing it underneath the line.

Beauty blender tips

Watch for more baby blending tips


  • Mini Hourglass Sponge (Purple)

Use the pointed end under eye contours, or the rounded end to blend all over the face.

  • Mini Egg Sponge (Pink)

Use the larger side to blend larger areas and the smaller tapered tip for concealing blemishes.

  • Mini Flat End Sponge (Orange)

The flat edge is perfect for powder formulas. The small point blends fine details with precision.

  • Mini Sculpting Sponge (Green)

Use the teardrop point on the inner corners of the eyes, or the wider point tip for contouring.


Looking after your blenders

Wash before first use and squeeze out excess water. To clean sponges, dampen and rinse with a drop of NutriClean OLC Concentrate. Do not rub on rough surfaces. Leave to air dry in a ventilated area, out of direct sunlight.



Want to learn real expert application tips in person or virtually? Book a make-up masterclass or a beauty workshop with your Consultant today.


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