Best face powder for your skin tone

Achieve your most glowing, even toned and long-lasting base with the latest make-up artist secret.

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Have you ever wished for skin that looks as picture perfect as an Instagram filter? Us too. Luckily, we’ve launched a brand new powder that leaves all skin looking poreless, smooth and bright, just like you’ve used your favourite Instagram filter.

Yellow toned powders are known as ‘banana powders’ and they are a huge celebrity make-up trend. Achieve your most glowing, even toned and long-lasting base with the latest make-up artist secret. According to Total Beauty, banana powders have “become every beauty guru’s new must-have.” Read on to see why you should 'go bananas' for the banana powder trend.

Here are 5 reasons why 'banana beauty' is a must-try.



1. They're a celebrity favourite

‘Banana powders’ are a hit with celebrities and the trend is all over Instagram for good reason. Celebrities and influencers love banana powders for the smooth, matte photo finish and easy application.

2. ... And a backstage beauty secret

Banana powders are more than just a fad – they’ve also been a make-up artist secret for decades. Yellow toned powders are often used on set and behind the scenes on filming shoots and runway shows.

3. You can use them in multiple ways

They are so versatile. Face powders can be used within your daily make-up routine, as part of your contouring regime for a glam look, or on its own to eliminate shine.

4. Zero flashback selfies

Banana powders give the perfect selfie. The minerals create the ultimate soft focus finish, so you will look beautiful in every photo you take.

4. They match all skin types and skin tones

The best thing about banana powders is they work for everyone. This yellow toned powder suits every skin tone and will not only banish imperfections but will colour correct any skin redness too.

Why you'll love nc Face Filter Setting Powder

It's the best face powder for oily skin because it absorbs excess oil. Its the best face setting powder for drier skin types because it provides smooth and silky application. Plus, it's made with no nasties and formulated with natural ingredients like Mica so your skin can breathe.

Watch full tutorial here.


3 ways to wear nc Face Filter Setting Powder

1. Target the T-Zone

The powder can be applied where you have applied foundation and concealer to stop it from creasing or moving, and on any areas of the face where you get most oily. This is usually the T-zone: middle of the forehead, nose, and middle of the chin.

2. Set make-up

Apply all over the face to set make-up. Thanks to the silky lightweight texture, your skin will look perfect. Using a powder brush, swish it in the product lightly and tap the excess off gently, applying to the T-zone first and then over the rest of the face, lightly pressing or buffing the powder into the skin.

3. Wear it bare

nc Face Filter can also be used on bare skin without make-up underneath, to brighten the complexion and reduce any shine for an instant filter effect. Use the setting powder to touch up make-up throughout the day.





Q: What is a make-up setting powder?

A: Setting and finishing powders help your applied make-up last by ‘setting’ or holding make-up in place, preventing make-up from rubbing off and reducing shine. It can be used after foundation and concealer, or if using further cream or liquid textured products the setting powder should be used after this. nc Face Filter Setting Powder sets and perfects make-up with a soft-focus filter effect, preventing excess oil and shine, whilst blurring the complexion using Mica powders.


Q: What is the difference between a pressed powder and a loose setting powder?

A: The main difference between loose and pressed setting powders is the way the product is packaged. While pressed setting powders are pressed into a compact, loose powders are often packaged in jars with a sifter so that you can tip the product out to use. nc Face Filter Setting Powder is a pressed powder packaged in a slim line compact, making it easy to travel with and easy for touch-ups on the go with no spills or mess. Pressed setting powders are also easier and less messy to apply than a loose setting powder.


Q: Why is the powder yellow?

A: Setting powders are mostly translucent or ‘skin’ toned, however, yellow-toned makeup setting powders have long been the weapon of professional make-up artists, often termed ‘Banana Powder’. The unique yellow tone of the nc Face Filter Setting Powder works on many different skin tones because it has a lightweight natural finish when applied. Not only setting and mattifying make-up to stop it from creasing or moving, the yellow-tone powder neutralises shadows, colour corrects any skin redness and gives the complexion an overall brighter effect.


Q: Will the nc Face Filter Setting Powder give flashback in photos?

A: A lot of setting powders tend to have a flash-back effect in photos, where you end up having a ‘white-ish’ glow. Flash-back is a white cast that appears on the skin in photographs, caused by some of the light-reflecting ingredients in make-up. The nc Face Filter Setting Powder sets and brightens your makeup without a trace, containing ingredients that won’t affect the results of flash photography. The unique yellow tone blends with your skin tone providing a complexion correcting filter, so you are always photo and selfie ready. 

Get selfie perfect skin. Shop nc Face Filter Setting Powder now.

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