Best winter skin tips

Written by Lisa

Cold weather can leave skin looking parched and lacklustre. Strong winds and colder air leave most complexions depleted. Try these simple skincare routine switch-ups to help you maintain a healthy glow all year round.

Tone naturally

Colder weather means drier skin, so get them to add nourishing oils into their routines. It will help re-hydrate skin. Healthy ingredients such as Orange Oils, Sesame Oils and Apricot Kernel Oil will seal in moisture. For an extra boost of Botanical goodness, try Nutrimetics Skin Fresh Toner.

Nutrimetics Skin Fresh Toner

Use cold water

Don’t be tempted to turn up the water temperature as the weather turns colder. Hot water causes your blood vessels to release heat, which leads to your skin drying out. To jumpstart moisture on the deepest level, use Ultra Care+ Moisturising System.

Nutrimetics Ultra Care Serum

Decrease the intensity of your cleanser

In the summer, heat causes sweating, which clogs pores and make skin oilier. As Autumn sets in, you should be using something lighter. Switch regular cleanser for a soothing cleansing milk, like Restore Foaming Cleansing Lotion. It won’t strip skin of natural moisture.

Restore Foaming Cleanser

Don’t go too rich

Contrary to popular belief, extra heavy moisturisers can cause congestion in skin types not suited to them, no matter the season. To avoid of waking up to breakouts and no glow, opt for a nourishing oil essence. Nutri-Rich Beauty Elixir contains French Plum Oil to help balance hydration.

Nutri-Rich Beauty Elixir

Amp up your antioxidants

After a summer of sun, skin will need some restoration. Layer a serum that’s packed with antioxidants including Resveratrol under daily moisturiser so that skin can reset. We think you will love seeing how many 5 star beautyheaven reviews our Ultra Care+ Platinum Tight, Fill & Firm Face Serum received,

Platinum winter WOW serum


Looking to enhance your glow all year round? Shop all Nutrimetics naturally enriched, cruelty free skincare here.



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