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Meet the mum & daughter dream team taking New Zealand social selling by storm.

Written by Lisa

Executive Sales Manager Brenda Shepherd & Senior Consultant Leisel Shepherd are the mum & daughter dream team taking New Zealand social selling by storm.

Brenda fell in love with Nutrimetics after attending just one Nutrimetics beauty treatment. She soon decided to begin her own beauty business and her natural talent for finding Nutrimetics lovers came into light. When her daughter Leisel finished school, Brenda was so excited she also wanted to get involved. Leisel is now a Senior Consultant and is a huge hit with her customers.

“Her joy for life and her humour melts my heart every day”

We love spending time together

We get to do lots of fun mum and daughter stuff together because of Nutrimetics. We get to work together at treatments and get-togethers, attend amazing beauty events and unpack boxes (we love boxes), assemble and distribute orders. And we really love to make videos together.

We have always been close

The Nutrimetics’ opportunity is definitely something we love doing together. Leisel is very independent and definitely daddy’s girl. I always have to be the growly one, so now it’s so nice that we are doing lots of fun girly things together and we can both share a passion for beauty.

I feel so proud to see Leisel succeeding

It’s amazing to see how much she loves being a Consultant. I am so proud of her. Leisel has taken to social media like a duck to water. She loves doing videos and we answer messages and emails together. She loves getting to know people and picks up the most interesting facts, which I would completely miss. Her joy for life and her humour melts my heart every day.

I try to be a positive role model in Leisel’s life

I let her be her age and I avoid excessive coddling, or being overprotective. I am also trying to give her more independence out in the community. Be kind, thoughtful and thankful, that’s our mantra. It aligns well with the values Nutrimetics has as a business.

We are both huge fans of the products

Leisel’s favourites are Nutri-Rich Oil, nc Lip Lightning Gloss and the NutriShape Meal Replacement Shakes, she has one most days. Mine would be the Ultra Care+ Aqua Supply Booster, it’s seriously awesome for dry skin – as well as the full Platinum range, including the Multi-Active Cleanser & Masque, the Regenerating Toning Essence Toner and DNA Cellular Repair Crème.

Nutrimetics is the best for families

Seriously, this is the best thing we have done for a long time and not just because of the extra income. Two of my sisters are now sharing beauty too. Since we lost our mum seven years ago this May, it has brought us a lot closer together. We have a great excuse to chat all the time now, which is perfect because we live quite a distance apart. We have all met such amazing, supportive people on our journey. It has given us a whole new perspective on life. This is the most amazing supportive company you could ever hope to find – and somehow it feels like a big secret, so I love that Leisel and I get to spread the word.

Do you have a great Nutrimetics story to share?

It’s stories like this that really show just how impactful the Nutrimetics opportunity can be for bringing families together and completely transforming people’s confidence. Email us at online@nutrimetics.com.au or tag #lifewithnutrimetics on facebook and Instagram to share your story with us.

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