HOW TO: Get plumper lips naturally

Written by Lisa

We are living in the age of lip Fillers – why are we so obsessed with the perfect pout? As you’ve probably noticed, plump lips are no longer just a trend; they’re a beauty staple that’s here to stay. While you can achieve a more voluminous pout with traditional fillers and injections, for those who are looking for an alternative fix that doesn’t require any needles or pain, then look no further than our new Lip Plumping Crème.


When it comes to lips, volume and fullness are what people are looking for. This is the new generation solution to lip lines and loss of volume. It gives you fuller, more plumped lips with results that last. This is a gradual build, but will give visible results in just one hour. So if you start using it now, you will have the best kiss ever in just 4 weeks.


Just check out these results from our product trials.

Lip Plumper Stats Lip Plumper Stats 2
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…. And our 5 star reviews say it all!

The testers in our trial group were blown away by what they saw in the mirror, both instantly and over time.

“My lips felt fuller almost instantaneously and the effect lasted several hours”

“Love this! Love the little tingle. It feels like your lips are plumping straight away”

“My lips look fuller without looking strange and unnatural, like lip fillers do”

“I like the way it works fast. I feel like I have softer, fuller lips, which I have never had before” “You can actually instantly see lips plumping up”


And the best bit is the magic ingredients are:

✓ Naturally sourced

✓ With no harmful chemicals

✓ And no pain or side effects

Sodium Hyaluronate

Famous for its lip plumping, repairing and moisturising effects.

Lip Plumping Agents

Pomegranate and jojoba immediately give lips a naturally firmer and fuller look.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Instantly conditions and nourishes the lips. It’s Nutrimetics’ star ingredient.


Try the trend: Advanced skincare for lips

Skincare for lips is one of the biggest global beauty trends for 2020.

The market is now flooding with new innovations for lipcare, where a lip product can have multiple skincare benefits, all combined into one. Lips are skin too, and some of the thinnest skin on the entire face. Unlike the rest of our skin, our lips do not contain any oil glands, which is likely why your lips need extra treatment.


Model with Lip Plumper 3

How do you apply Ultra Care+ Lip Plumping Crème

Use the crème 2-3 times per day directly over clean, dry lips.

1. Allow to absorb and feel the tingle as the formula gets to work.

2. Let the active ingredients penetrate for a few minutes.

3. Once completely dry, follow with your choice of Nutrimetics lipstick or gloss.


Your lip plumping questions, answered.

Q: My lips get sensitive sometimes? Can I use it?

A: The Lip Plumping Crème has been sensitivity tested with no irritation and is suitable for sensitive lips. At Nutrimetics, we know that everyone’s skin is different, so we recommend that you patch test before use.

Q: How do I apply it?

A: Apply two-three times per day directly over clean, dry lips. Allow to absorb. You can also let the active ingredients penetrate for few minutes and once completely dry, follow with your choice of Nutrimetics lipstick or lip gloss.

Q: Is it vegan friendly and cruelty free?

A: The formula is not tested on animals and is free from any animal derived ingredients. This formula is vegan friendly.

Q: Will it hurt?

A: No. You may experience a slight tingling effect but this subsides quickly and leaves you with fuller, smoother lips within just a few minutes. This is perfectly normal.

Q: Can I use if I already have lip fillers?

A: Yes, it will not react with your current fillers, is completely safe to use and will still plump-up your lips. Wait until your filler injection sites have completely healed before use. Always be sure to check with your cosmetic doctor first.

Q: My lips are chapped. Is it safe to use?

A: Although Ultra Care+ Lip Plumping Crème is formulated to be gentle, we recommend that you do not use the product on dry, chapped lips, or lips with open wounds.

Q: Is the plumping effect reversible?

A: Yes, unlike lip fillers and more extreme/irreversible ways of lip enhancement, the effects of Ultra Care+ Lip Plumping Crème are not permanent and will subside if you discontinue use.

Q: How long do the results last for?

A: We recommend applying the Lip Plumping Crème two-three times per day to achieve the maximum benefits. The Natural Plumping Agents in this innovative formula will increase lip volume by +3.1% in just one hour and +6.1% after 28 days of first application+. You will see and feel an instant noticeable difference in lip lines and lip smoothness, and results in lip volume in only two-four weeks.

†Based on independent clinical testing of Natural Plumping Complex

Q: Is it a lip gloss?

A: The Lip Plumping Crème is not a lip gloss, but rather a new innovation in lip care/skin care hybrids. A safe and alternative fix to lip fillers, the Ultra Care+ Lip Plumping Crème is a new solution to lip lines, loss of lip volume and loss of lip smoothness. The product looks and applies like a crème to deeply penetrate the lips with the combination of Natural Pumping Agents containing Pomegranate and Jojoba, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel Oil. Lips are left with a naturally firmer and fuller look by plumping, moisturising and repairing them, for smoother, more volumised lips.

Q: Where is the best place to store the product?

A: We recommend storing in a cool, dark and dry place, preferably below 30°C. You can also keep in the refrigerator to enhance the cooling sensation.


Model with Lip Plumping Creme 2jpg-1

Don’t wait for your best kiss ever. Shop Ultra Care+ Lip Plumping Crème and plump-up your pout today. Remember to share your lip plumping transformations with the hashtag #NutriResults Tag @nutrimetics_aus_nz.

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