How to: give yourself a de-puffing eye massage

Written by Lisa

Are you feeling tired and run down? Puffy eyes and heavy under eye bags are the number one giveaway that you’ve been skipping precious sleep. Thankfully, Jade infused beauty is having a moment and White Jade Massage, a simple and traditional skin method, is the latest way to soothe and relax stressed tired skin, especially around the delicate eye area. Curious about the benefits of White Jade Massage?


Watch our tutorial to find out how it works.


Who is White Jade Massage for?

Jade massage can benefit all skin types and ages. Try it for boosting circulation, improving elasticity, smoothing fine lines, lymphatic drainage and the relaxation of facial tension and muscles for a deeply calming facial experience.

Why are facial massage tools trending?

You can cool and de-puff eye bags and massage facial contours for multiple skin soothing benefits. Our top tip? Store our latest White Jade Beauty Tool in the fridge for an added cooling sensation and de-puff eye bags after a late night.

Perfect partners for soothed eyes

Spending time giving yourself an eye massage is a really great way to relax and wind down, plus you’ll de-puff tired eyes in a matter of minutes. We think our White Jade Massage Tool is one of the most relaxing ways to rejuvenate your skin. It offers multiple benefits and works perfectly with your favourite eye cream. We recommend Restore Eye Crème, because in our consumer testing, 100% of women reported visibly firmer eye contours*. When using with the White Jade Beauty Tool, try applying more than you would normally use, to help the tool glide seamlessly around the eye area.

White Jade Beauty Tool

Follow these steps for the perfect relaxing facial massage.


Use morning and/or night after applying your preferred eye serum or crème. The soft, rounded edges that are gentle enough for this sensitive, easily damaged area. Use with light pressure around the eye contours. Starting in the inner corners, under the eyes and moving outwards toward the temples, pressing and holding the tool as you move along. Repeat this process above the eyes with eyes closed.


The great thing about the White Jade Beauty tool is that it works all over your face too, not just the eyes. After applying your preferred Nutrimetics face serum and/or crème, use with slightly heavier but gentle pressure along the face. Start at the jawline in the centre of the face and move outwards, repeating as desired.


How do you clean a White Jade Massage Tool?

After each use, wipe the tools down with a clean cloth or wipe. Your massage tool can also be deep-cleaned with warm water and soap.


Why we think you’ll love our White Jade Massage Tool

 White Jade is known for its power to make you feel calm and peaceful
  • The cold stone reduces puffiness, store in the fridge to emphasise the cooling sensation
  • The unique massaging action stimulates circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage
  • It’s the perfect rounded shape for facial relaxation to apply gentle pressure
  • It will allow you to reach all the areas of your face, even the sensitive eye area
  • You can even wear less concealer under your eyes as the massage will soothe and soften eye contours

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*Based on consumer self-evaluation.



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