How to use a colour correcting palette

Try these fast and easy contouring and colour correcting make-up tricks to look younger in minutes.

Written by Lisa


Contouring and colour correction are the two trends that have taken the beauty world by storm. They are known as the go-to professional techniques for total base confidence. These techniques are used by professional make-up artists use to create perfect runway and red carpet looks. But can you do it yourself at home just as quickly? We think so. Read on to find out how.

First of all … What is colour correcting?

Colour correcting is using a colour that is opposite of the colour that you are trying to diminish the look of to balance it. For example, green combats redness and orange combats dark circles. Colour correctors are designed to do more than just hide flaws. The colours neutralise, brighten and eliminate the look of pigmentation, discolouration, blemishes and much more. Enhancing your best features has never been easier.

And what about contouring?

Contouring is so much easier than it may look on scary youtube tutorials. Contouring your face allows you to apply make-up to alter the structure of your natural face shape. You use dark shades to create shadows and emphasise your natural bone structure. By contouring you can make your cheekbones stand out, your forehead look smaller, create a slimmer jaw line or their nose smaller.

How do I it?

First up you will need you will need a palette like the Professional Complexion Correction Kit. It allows everyone to get creative just like a real make-up artist. The easy-to apply crème colours perfect and neutralise skin tone imperfections. You can mix and match these correcting and concealing shades for instant skin confidence. It saves you buying multiple different contouring products because everything comes in one handbag-ready palette. It is literally the smartest product in most make-up kits.




Tips before you start …

  • Apply primer and foundation first so you can layer over colours.
  • Choose the right shades for your skin tone and don’t be afraid to custom blend colours.
  • Mix LIGHT, MEDIUM and DARK shades to achieve your perfect skin match.
  • To let your natural beauty shine through, apply very thin layers, especially of the darkest shade of contour. If in doubt, blend it out.
  • Set your look with powder for a soft focus finish and a look that lasts.


Make-up trick 1

One minute to wake me up

Try this one minute eye-lift to look younger instantly. See heavy eye bags and dark circles vanish.


Dark circles application


Blend the PEACH corrector under eyes to the inner corner and under eyes. Apply concealer under eye area on top of peach corrector focusing on the shadow underneath the eye hollow. Choose the concealer shade that’s lighter than your skin tone and blend below the eye contour for the illusion of instant lift.



Make-up trick 2

Your instant spot and redness fix

Make blemishes, breakouts and rosacea disappear like magic. You will love how much more even your complexion will appear.



Spot correction application


Blend GREEN for rosacea or redness, or spot correct to mask pimples and broken capillaries. Layer your chosen concealer on top of the green shade to match your skin tone. The colour correctors are highly pigmented, so use sparingly and blend thoroughly. You can also blend the concealer shades together to create your own custom shade to match your foundation colour.

make redness disappear-1


Make-up trick 3

A total facelift

Narrow your nose and flatter your face shape to bring out your best features.




Sculpt your cheekbones

Lightly apply under the hollows of the cheeks. Tap and blend gently with brush to diffuse colour for a natural finish.

Frame your forehead

Use a foundation brush like the Domed Contour Brush to blend into the hairline until colour looks seamless.

Define your jawline

Start behind your ear and blend along your jawline until you reach the tip of your chin. Repeat on opposite side and blend evenly.

Cheat a slimmer nose

Using the small angled brush, start at the inner corners of your eyebrows and paint the arrows of your nose to the tip using DARK. Follow with the LIGHT shade along the bridge. Blend away harsh lines.



Make-up trick 4

Love your lips and lift your brows

Accentuate your arches, plump-up your pout and enhance your facial dimensions.



For fuller lips

Use the LIGHT shade to highlight just above the Cupid’s bow for the instant illusion of natural fullness.

For lifted brows

Using the angled brush, apply LIGHT neatly in arches below your brows and blend. This manipulates light so the area looks 'lifted.'

To add dimension

Bring LIGHT to the high points of the face. Apply to tops of cheekbones, centre of forehead and chin to look brighter.

Watch the full how-to tutorial by clicking on the video. 



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