How to use and care for your make-up brushes

Get the most out of your make-up tools
Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

The best quality make-up brushes are the difference between a lackluster finish and something truly exceptional. That’s why you’ll adore our ALL NEW Brush Collection. These artistry-standard brushes bring precise product placement like never before.

With more refined brush head shapes, a sleek matte black makeover and Synthetic Nylon bristles, this NEW range of quality brushes is by far the best we’ve ever made - all 100% cruelty-free. Made in Australia with sustainable wooden handles and vegan friendly bristles that enhance product pick-up for a truly flawless finish.

For masterful application, these brushes have unique angles that help target specific areas and create expert looks that fingers alone could never achieve. They are suitable for sensitive skin and won’t cause irritation to skin or eyes. Make your routine easy and achieve every make-up look you can imagine. 

Watch the brush tutorial with make-up artist Freshta


Meet the NEW tools for transformation

✓ Nylon bristles are more hygienic than animal derived bristles.

✓ They are suitable for sensitive skin and won’t cause allergies.

✓ Nutrimetics have been proudly making cruelty free beauty for over 50 years.




Flat Buffer Brush

Beautify your base

A flat, tapered head for precise blending. Made with condensed bristles to expertly buff and stipple for superior coverage.



Powder Blush Brush

Crush your blush

With soft bristles ideal for powder, cream bronzers, finishing powders and blushers, it’s perfect for enhancing cheekbones, setting your foundation and more.



Lip Brush

Pout precision

Designed with a super fine tip, so all lip colours glide on smoothly and precisely. It lines and applies lipstick with sharp definition.




Conceal Brush

Correct & perfect

For spot concealing, disguising dark circles and more, this brush gives a soft, effortless blend to make all imperfections virtually invisible. Also great for highlighting the brow bone. 



Eye Blend Brush

Get swept away

Softly blend all colour pigment through the crease of the eye. It’s fluffy yet firm to make both crème and powder shadow blending easy.



Eye Shadow Brush


Diffuses a dramatic smoky eye instantaneously with soft, flexible bristles. The densely packed bristles pick up the perfect amount of product.




Smudge Brush

Better blendability

Features tapered dome bristles for a perfect finish, it’s extra soft to soften harsh lines. Ideal for all crème, liquid or powder formulas.



Eye Liner Brush

Smoke & smoulder

Thinly angled to create sharp lines or mimic brow hairs, it’s easy to hold and control. The brush hairs are finely pointed and tightly packed.



How to clean your brushes

Regular washing can help extend the life of your brushes, so wash your brush ends regularly to prevent product build-up and breakouts. The natural ingredients in NutriClean OLC will keep your brushes in pristine condition, while the Brush Cleaning Pad removes old colour build-up and purifies bristles to get rid of dirt, oil and bacteria.

  • Wet the bristles with lukewarm water. Do not get the handles wet.
  • Using mild soap, swirl the bristles on the brush pad, in a circular motion.
  • Gently rinse the bristles until the water runs clear and there are no more bubbles
  • Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel and allow to fully air dry before next use.

CARE TIPS: Make sure you lay them flat to let the bristles reshape. If placed upright, excess water may trickle into the handle and cause damage. Avoid storing brushes in humid places. To maintain brush lifespan, NEVER soak the wooden handles in the water. Store your brushes in cool and dry place.



Want to learn more about professional make-up application? Register here to learn more about Nutrimetics workshops and make-up masterclasses. 


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