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Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

Marilyn Argall, Executive Sales Manager from Victoria has taken the extremely difficult extended lockdown period and turned it into gold. She completely re-adapted her beauty business to work solely online. She now loves staying in touch with her customers virtually – and her business is thriving like never before! Here is her story.

“One month, my business was up 85% vs last year! Online is really working for me and I’m flat out busy”

Marilyn and daughter

I hated virtual parties at first
I live upon the border of New South Wales and Victoria. After months, we are still under strict lockdown restrictions and are not allowed to visit each other’s houses. My business was built on face-to-face pampers and I honestly hated doing everything online but thankfully I soon got the hang of it. For virtual workshops I would simply ring up customers who I’d normally catch up with face-to-face and ask them to do it via
Facetime or Zoom instead. It’s so easy for them, they don’t have to do anything. I set the event up and invite their friends – and they don’t have to leave home, so there’s no excuse for them to say no.

I’m finding customers and new people to join Nutrimetics  from all over!
With online workshops, my customers can invite friends from anywhere in Australia. With face-to-face workshops everyone has to be local. So now my booking numbers are getting so much bigger and I’m finding
new customers from all over. Higher attendances means better earnings. Some of my new customers have never even heard of Nutrimetics before and are falling in love right away.

Maraliyns family shes missing in lockdown

I even find re-bookings from bookings easier
Re-bookings from my workshop bookings seems to be easier than it ever was before! I’m never pushy but more people want to be the next hostess online, I guess because they’re fun and easy.

I’m taking a different approach to Christmas this year
I would usually hold a massive Christmas launch party in my area. Instead I’ve registered 20 Consultants to the Nutrimetics Live event. Hopefully I can do some private small open houses and Christmas events in person when restrictions ease off. The Christmas brochure is always stunning and my Consultants get so excited for the mega
pack! It’ll definitely be different this year but I’m confident it will work.

October is definitely the month to invite people to join Nutrimetics 
I’ve even been signing up people from different States who are loving the products so much. There’s always more opportunity to sponsor if you’re accessing new people. The $10 joining offer is irresistible and then encouraging your new joiners to start sharing for themselves is key. I’m getting really active new people. It’s exciting seeing them grow their own teams. My downlines are doing live workshops and really
enjoying it. Many of them find it easier online. I’ve even had one customer for eight years who’s just become a Group Leader for herself thanks to virtual workshops.

Nutrimetics has been my lifeline
I am living alone and lockdown has completely cut me off from seeing my family. I have three adult children, a son in Sydney with an eight year old boy, two daughters in Adelaide and three beautiful grand babies I can’t visit because of the restrictions. I used to go see them every month. I also look after my mum in aged care here in Victoria but because of the restrictions I haven’t been able to spend time with her face-to-face. My daughter’s
babies have birthdays coming up – plus just before Christmas they lost their home in the Adelaide fires so it’s been a very challenging period. It’s been so difficult not being able to be there for my family in person but every day it feels like we’re getting closer to freedom.

Everyone has banded together

We’re all doing our bit to take care of each other. I have a 91 year old aunty who I’m checking in
on daily. I would’ve literally gone insane without Nutrimetics in lockdown. I don’t even have a garden area. The Zoom catch ups are so important to stay connected to my friends and customers. The company
have given us so much support and kept us all looked after with training and great offers. The good news is I can pick up my business and do virtual parties from anywhere as soon as the borders open. 

Marilyn supporting her community

Marilyn's Christmas earning tips 

• Do lots of Christmas open houses (invite everyone over to show the products off)  if you’re allowed in your state
• Virtual workshops you can do as many as you like and they take half an hour – fill your diary!
• I’ll be replacing my usual Christmas markets and nursing home workshops with Zooms and champers. I’ll make them really interactive and festive just like in person
• Facebook lives are easy and you can have so much in the comments section
• Try giving your business a theme. Last month was a record sales month for me to celebrate the 21st birthday of my Nutrimetics business – my customer base really got on board to support me
• Do phone calls rather than just letterbox brochure drops. People like the personal touch!


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