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Consultant Chantelle Iadanza and family bravely shave their heads during isolation for Canteen.

Written by Lisa

With a bold, beautiful and empowered new look, Consultant Chantelle Iadanza from Adelaide has bravely shaved her head during isolation to raise money for teen cancer charity Canteen. Her whole family joined in too. Here is Chantelle’s story in her own words.


What started out as a family joke has ended up becoming something quite serious and life-changing. During the whole COVID-19 home isolation, my hubby mentioned that we can't go to the hairdressers anymore, so we should all just shave our heads. My two boys were very keen on the idea. However, I myself was not too keen on having a shaved head (especially in the middle of winter).

Chantelle with long hair`Chantelle shaves her head for Canteen-2

“Nutrimetics has definitely given me the courage and confidence to look and feel great in myself, even with no hair”

It then started playing on my mind and the more I thought about it, the more I saw it as a real possibility. If I was actually going to shave my head, I wanted to do it for a cause. Being a Radiation Therapist, I am constantly treating cancer patients. It has given me firsthand insight into what they have to go through when they lose their hair due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. I felt that raising money for Canteen and helping children and young people affected by cancer was worthwhile, especially during the current pandemic. There is a great need for a lot of fundraising and support to help young people with getting access to online programmes and counselling sessions.

Chantelle befor shaving her head

At first, when I mentioned it to friends and family they all thought I was crazy! But then as I started sharing my fundraising page and posting it on Facebook, they all started to take me seriously. I was completely overwhelmed with all the support in raising money for Canteen, as well as the generosity shown from friends and family. We ended up raising over $8,300.

Nutrimetics has definitely given me the courage and confidence to look and feel great in myself, even with no hair (which is very confronting). I have definitely loved having all my beautiful products to play with and try out new looks, especially the makeup, which gives me the confidence to go out in public and feel beautiful in my own skin.

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