Nutrimetics Mother’s day gift guide

Written by Lisa

Mother’s Day on the horizon (mark Sunday 10th May in your diary), so make sure you’re ready to make your favourite woman smile. Flowers and chocolates are too predictable, so why not make her feel truly loved and special with the best in home-grown, natural beauty? While every mum is special and unique, when gift hunting it helps to think about her personality. So what type of mum is your mum? Is she spa-obsessed? An earth mum? Or a mum on the go?

Read our guide to selecting the perfect present for the most important lady in your life.



For: earth mum

Give: Nutri-Rich Oil

Does your mum love nature, natural ingredients and shopping for cruelty-free beauty products? Why not gift the miracle, multipurpose balm that also honours Mother Earth, too? Nutri-Rich Oil is our No.1* selling beauty product for over 50 years. It’s made with the highest quality, consciously sourced botanical ingredients, including the goodness of 100^ Apricots in every jar. Plus, you won’t find any Formaldehydes, Triclosan or other nasties your earth loving mum wouldn’t approve of.


For: spa obsessed mum

Give: Tuberose & Blackcurrant Scented Candle

Does your mum love an at home pamper session? Is yes, this gorgeous candle is made just for her. Indulge her with a sumptuous scent that blends Tuberose, Jasmine, Blackcurrant and Peach, offset by Amber and Sandalwood. It’s the heavenliest fragrance only a spa-obsessed mum would dream of, creating the perfect serene environment for her next bath, right at home.

Tuberose & Blackcurrent Candle x 3


For: skincare savvy mum

Give: Platinum Intense Skincare Programme

Does your mum know her active ingredients? Go truly transformative for a mum who deserves the best. You will definitely win mum over with Ultra Care+ Platinum Intense Skincare Programme. Powered by advanced Peptide P7, Plant Stem Cells and Brightening Optimisers, this is the gift for all mums who want the most effective and quickest age transforming results, plus what mum wouldn’t want a gift that keeps the lovely compliments pouring in?


For: mum with a sweet tooth

Give: Nutri-Rich Apricot Sugar Scrub

Forget chocolates. This yummy smelling sugar exfoliant is almost good enough to eat, and it lets you bring the spa to mum without her having to leave the house. You can’t go wrong this indulgent body scrub, particularly when it’s packed full of sweet ingredients like Sugar grains to buff away dead skin. Give mum glowing skin all over with the perfect blend of Mango & Shea Butter. Bliss.



For: mum on the go


Give: nc Complete Look Make-up Palette

Got a mum who loves the beautiful things in life but who is also in a hurry? Then she’ll love this pretty gold encased nc Complete Look Make-up Palette, so she can blend her way to radiant in just five-minutes. With soft blushes, high beam highlighters and neutral bronzes, she’ll glow to new intensities. (Moreover, she’ll think of you every time she uses it.) 

nc Complete Look Palette with Roses



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^In every 60ml jar *Based on 2019 Nutrimetics sales data.

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