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A massive congratulations to Adam Buechner, our newest Sales Director from Queensland. Adam has achieved so much with Nutrimetics and at such a young age, too. Read his secrets for success here.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” Henry David Thoreau

Adam makes time for yogaAdam achieving his new car and bonus

Why do you Love Nutrimetics?
I have had a love of the beauty industry since I was a teenager. Nutrimetics gives me a career where I can help others with their skin and discover the colours that bring balance and harmony to their look. I get the most joy from helping girls and guys to earn a fabulous income, set goals and achieve them!

How do you support your team?
This is definitely a team effort. The Executive Sales Managers in my team and I assist our Consultants to earn all
their sales and sponsoring rewards so they have an amazing beauty kit to start their Nutrimetics Journey. We support with in-person and virtual beauty workshops; we have a menu of 6 workshops to choose from. We run a weekly beauty class and business class, Monthly Board Meetings and 1-1 Appointments via Zoom for anyone that wants to step up. We also have FUN! It’s important to create an environment where everyone can work their business in their own creative way. We love bouncing ideas off one  another and keep mixing things up.

Adam living it up in CroatiaAdam in Croatia

What are your favourite rewards?
Firstly, my favourite reward is celebrating the success of the team as they achieve the Michael Kors Watch, Tiffany Vouchers, iPads, Diamonds Rings and Company Cars. The smiles, the joy and feeling of
achievement that I see and hear is priceless. Elevating to Sales Director does come with a few perks. I feel so blessed to driving a NEW BMW X3 and receiving a $12,000 Bonus, a designer Men’s Ring and Champagne all for levelling up to Sales Director. Travelling to Croatia last year – all expenses paid, 5-Star was AMAZING.

How do you have fun with your income?
In September I treated myself to two nights at the W Hotel in Brisbane with a 4 hour Spa Treatment, Shopping at YSL & Tiffany. It’s definitely been FUN, however just as importantly I’ve been able to make a large contribution to my savings for my first property and this is what has excited me the most!

Adam celebratingAdam celebrating with family

What are your top tips for running your business in a pandemic?
Since March, as a team we have definitely been shifting our workshops to be more online centred.

1. Let everyone know that you are open for Business and think about how you can add value to your clients. For example: How to give your skin the Spring Detox it deserves, Isolation Beauty Tips to keep your skin hydrated and glowing on Zoom and Learn how to Contour & Shape.

2. Create a system that works at home. Develop a routine that mirrors the one you followed prior to the pandemic so that you can meet the same objectives. If you were making five in-person visits a week, make sure you set up five video calls per week.

3. Time Blocking is essential. Allocate time in your weekly calendar for Bookings, Sponsoring, Selling, Training & Learning Leadership Skills and stick to it. It’s also very important for me to diarise time for daily meditation, yoga, climbing mountains and time with family and friends.

How will you be ramping things up for Christmas?
Christmas is the most exciting time of the year with Nutrimetics. My focus this year will be supporting the people in the team because I know that they can earn such a fabulous income in the last quarter of the year. We always have New Products and I know that so many more people will be shopping online with us this year. Share a brochure and your website with EVERYONE. I LOVE that everyone has the opportunity to earn an extra $5,000-$10,000 and have a debt free Christmas.

What would your advice be to someone your age with the ambition to build a beauty empire?
Be your own biggest cheerleader! There will be times that you feel like you can’t do it or it doesn’t seem possible. When you dream big, keep working on your goals, jumping over hurdles along the way and supporting your VIPs, Consultants and Future Leaders with love, integrity and a genuine interest in the success of others, you will achieve more than you thought was possible.

Can you imagine your life without Nutrimetics?
NO – Nutrimetics ticks all the boxes!

Tell us anything else you’d love to share about your amazing journey?
This is an exciting stop-over to refuel and to continue to learn & grow on my way to Executive Sales Director & Presidential Director. I couldn’t have achieved so much on my amazing journey without my team. Every Consultant and leader in the team has made this possible. My heart cannot express how much I appreciate my Executive Sales Managers; Liz, Angela, Stacey, Lyn, Val, Mary, Leah, Nicole, Sharyn, Norma & Mel. Thank you to my friends for your support and for cheering me on every step of the way – Special Mention to Alex, Tiarne & Jess. I couldn’t have done this without my regional manager Nicki Katsoulis. Thank you for believing in me and for being the best mentor and support system – you are exceptional. Linda, Peter, Ashlee, Jane, Emma, Angela and everyone in HQ your support and guidance has made a massive difference to my journey and I’m so grateful! Thank you Debbie my beautiful friend and beauty class buddy. To my family, Dad, Susan, Rick, Dani & Alicia – Thank you for your encouragement and love along this exciting journey. To my mum and upline Louise Buechner – Your support, guidance, feedback and belief in me and the team is remarkable. You inspire me each day and words can’t express how much I appreciate and admire you.


Find out more about starting your own beauty empire and achieving free cars just like Adam did here. 

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