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Learn how to wash your hands effectively, plus other advice to keep your home safe with our naturally enriched, NutriClean multi-purpose formula.

Our NutriClean formula has been in the Nutrimetics family since 1968. But did you know NutriClean Original Lotion Concentrate (OLC) makes the perfect hand wash, too? While alcohol based hand washes can strip your skin, our pH balanced, dermatologically tested formula keeps hands safe, soft and thoroughly clean.

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Washing hands is more important than ever.

The World Health Organisation advises that washing your hands with just regular soap and water effectively remove viruses that may be on your hands.

Use our OLC formula to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. In addition to washing your hands after using the bathroom (at home or work), wash your hands before and after eating, after touching used tissues, after being in crowded areas and using public transport, after touching pets, before bedtime, before applying make-up, before and after handling contact lenses, or pretty much anytime you have to touch your face.

NutriClean  hand washing

Follow these steps and sing happy birthday twice (approx. 30 seconds), every time you cleanse.

1. Rub palms together with water and NutriClean OLC.

2. Rub the back of both hands.

3. Interlace fingers and rub hands together.

4. Rub both thumbs in circular motions. Don’t forget area in between index finger and thumb.

5. Rub fingertips together on both palms.

6. Rub both wrists in a rotating motion. Rinse and dry thoroughly.


20 amazing uses for NutriClean OLC Wipes

NutriClean Wipes

While cleaning doesn’t kill all germs, it will definitely help lower their number reducing the risk of spreading infections. Keeping our multi-purpose wipes at hand will help you keep your family safe. Our everywhere wipes can be taken anywhere, making life easier all round. Keep them in the kitchen, car or in your bag. They are biodegradable, natural and gentle enough for the whole family and the environment.

1. Wipe down everything, everywhere. Benches, sinks, spillages, light switches, cabinets and more.

2. Clean tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, handles, desks and counters quickly. 

3. Keep all hands clean. OLC is dermatalogically tested to be gentle for all skin types. See washing method above.

4. Absolutely essential for little ones! OLC wipes are safe and as gentle to use as baby wipes for sticky fingers, dirty shoes and more. Keep toys fresh and clean, keep germs at bay on the pram, cleanse high chairs and everywhere your little one touches.

5. Keep germs at bay on your mobile devices, laptops and smart phones.

6. Wipe-up splashes and spills in the bathroom sink.

7. Keep all your surfaces clean in the car.

8. Wipe down the BBQ after cooking in seconds.

9. Keep OLC wipes at hand when preparing any food for bench top spillages.

10. Clean dirty window sills so they are free of dust.

11. Keep toilet seats and basins fresh and safe.

12. Clean your jewellery and your jewellery box with just one wipe.

13. Clean the washing machine and dryer, wipe the detergent box thoroughly.

14. Use them to dust your TV screen or clean out the microwave.

15. OLC wipes are great for reading glasses - keep glasses and sunglasses smudge free.

16. OLC wipes will get rid of dirty finger marks on glass windows and mirrors effortlessly.

17. Keep them in the fridge on a hot day and use to help you cool down.

18. Grubby desk at work? OLC wipes will keep your keyboard and desk hygienic.

19. Take on road trips, holidays, camping trips and always keep in the car at all times.

20. Keep a pack in every room in the house, a pack in your handbag, a pack in your gym bag - you can never have enough OLC wipes to hand.


Even more reasons to love our NutriClean range

  • NutriClean formulas are plant based & environmentally friendly. Prioritise your family’s well-being and the planet, too.
  • OLC is enriched with natural Yucca extract.
  • OLC is pH balanced, clinically tested and approved by dermatologists to be non-irritating even on sensitive skin.
  • You won’t find any phosphates, formaldehyde, bleaches, chlorine or animal derivatives in our OLC formula.
  • OLC fabric softener has anti-static properties to repel dust.
  • OLC is fully biodegradable and sustainable, so it’s great for the environment too. Our wipes are even biodegradable for a clean conscience. 
  •  You can mix OLC with water or use undiluted for great results all over your home.
OLC table


Shop NutriClean range today and stock-up on the essentials to keep your family safe.

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