The 10 biggest beauty trends of 2022

How many of the top trends have you tried?
Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

The biggest trend predictions for skincare and colour for the rest of the year are here. And once again the pandemic is having a huge impact on how we approach beauty. From Y2K make-up to the resurgence of beauty bars, how many of these trends have you tried? 


Ingestible beauty with Super Greens

Trend 1

The ‘inside outside’ approach

Try Super Greens

The state of our skin is essentially a reflection of what goes on inside. Nutrition, regular exercise and rest all factor into the balance of how radiant our skin looks. Consumers today are much more aware of the links between gut health, hormone balance and the impact these have on skin health. So it’s no wonder we’re seeing a growing trend for beauty edibles. NutriShape Super Greens Powder supports cleansing and detoxing for better inner health. Made with organic greens it enhances immune function and reduces excess bloating. Use alongside your Nutrimetics skincare regimen and see the difference for yourself.

Ocean inspired beauty with Platinum

Trend 2

Ocean inspired beauty

Try: Ultra Care+ Platinum Lift & Firm Power Masque

 Skincare and wellness products infused with Algae, Kelp or Seaweed extracts have been around for some time now. And they continue to dominate the beauty industry because of the countless benefits they bring to skincare and overall wellbeing. Our anti-gravity masque combines Marine Bio Actives that recharge skin energy for an instant lifting effect, plus Water Reserve Complex with ‘Red Seaweed’, for long lasting moisturising benefits.


Trend 3

‘Zoom’ face fixes

Try: Ultra Care+ Platinum Lift & Firm Power Masque

The surge in interest in surgery for the face, following the ‘zoom boom’ during COVID, shows no signs of slowing. Lifting, firming contouring products that promise to be the next best thing to a surgical facelift are definitely on the rise. Our luxurious lift in a jar visibly redefines facial contours for a complexion that’s left feeling taught and transformed without the pain or price of surgery.

Y2k beauty with Lip Lightning Gloss

Trend 4

‘Y2K’ inspired make-up

Try: nc Lip Lightning Lip Gloss

The naughties are back! Y2K make-up is popping up all over TikTok and Instagram. Hit TV shows like Euphoria have inspired people of all ages to bring out their playful, nostalgic sides and so we predict 2022 is going to be all about the notion of play. There will be a fun feel to make-up with colour, embellishment and heaps of shine. Get ready for a lip gloss resurgence. Our best loved Lip Lightning Lip Glosses were a winner in the 90s, the naughties and also right now. Try the trend get the best in mirror-like shine that layers perfectly over everything.

Coloured lines with nc Intense Pencils

Trend 5

Coloured eyeliner

Try: NEW nc Intense Waterproof Eye Pencils

Colourful eyes will be making a strong comeback as beauty becomes about expression without boundaries. With so much time in lockdown, people are now wanting to experiment more vividly and loudly with make-up – mixing colours, textures and shapes. This year we’re seeing how coloured liners, especially brightly coloured ones, can really accentuate the eye. This trend will definitely carry on into beyond 2022 so stock up on every shade of Intense Waterproof Eye Pencils and get creative.


Trend 6

The skin microbiome


With pollution, toxic chemicals and more thrown at our skin on a daily basis, dermatologists agree we need to work on strengthening the skin as an organ. As well as strengthening skin barrier function, we now know how important it is to have the right bacteria for our skin microbiome in order to support our natural immunity. An anti-inflammatory skincare routine (and lifestyle) that’s better for our health and kinder to our skin is the way forward, so make sure you watch out for something BIG coming later in the year.


The at-home peel trend with AHA Activating Treatment

Trend 7

At home peels

Try: NEW Platinum AHA Activating Treatment

With the clinics closed on and off for the past two years, customers are demanding stronger results from their skincare. At-home treatments will continue rising in popularity. Expect 2022 to see a boom in advanced face masques, overnight rejuvenating treatments and chemical-peel-like products. Good thing our NEWEST Platinum Treatment brings you the power of AHA and BHAs to help to refine pore appearance and lift dead skin cells - for true salon-worthy glow.


Trend 8

Hygienic packaging

Try: NEW Platinum AHA Activating Treatment

We now realise the importance of keeping the products we use — especially on our faces —clean and safe. Hygiene is a new area of concern for customers, with savvy skin-care brands moving towards packaging that minimises the risk of contamination. NEW AHA Activating Treatment comes with clever airless pump packaging to preserve the integrity and efficacy of the ingredients.

Multi benefit Sunscreen with Smart Shield


Sunscreen that works overtime

Try: Ultra Care+ Smart Shield Protection Crème SPF 50

Consumers are now more aware that they need to protect themselves not only from UV damage but from blue light, smoke, smog, pollution as well as germs, bacteria and viruses. Enter the need for more specialised and sophisticated sunscreens, plus blue light protection treatments, Antioxidant serums as well as anti-microbial products. If you are yet to try Smart Shield, it helps protect skin against pollution, UV damage, signs of stress and ageing in one for ultimate peace of mind.

Beauty bar trend with Nutri-Rich Bathing Bar


Beauty bars are back!
Try: Nutri-Rich Bathing Bar

We think the next big boom in skincare and bodycare will be the resurgence of bar soaps thanks to their eco-friendly and water preserving nature. This means decades-old classics are having a renaissance, only this time bringing the science and technology that only 2022 can offer. Think serum bars for your face and body bars loaded with super ingredients. Always ahead of the trends, our classic Nutri-Rich Bathing Bar is packed with nourishment for hygienic hands – and has remained a staple in our range since the beginning.


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