The endless uses of Nutri-Rich Oil

Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

How many different ways have you tried to use our iconic super hero  of beauty, Nutri-Rich Oil? With the goodness of 100 Apricots power-packed into ever jar, its no wonder it's been our No.1 selling product for over 50 years.

Keep reading to learn all the different ways you can work our multi-purpose balm into your beauty routine.  It rescues dry, damaged skin, hair and nails in so many ways. These ingenious uses will have you reaching for our healing jar of gold every day. 

The secret benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil 

Apricots are a great source of natural fiber for your diet and are generally amazing for your health all round (plus they taste absolutely delicious). But you might not know just how great they are for your skin. 

  • World famous for its high Vitamin E content and beautiful apricot fragrance, Apricot Kernel Oil is mild and nourishing. It hydrates like no other ingredient, absorbing into skin instantly.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids to nourish and protect the lipid barrier, enhancing skin's healing process, and imparting a beautiful glow to skin.
  • This all-natural, golden miracle oil mimics skin’s own oil, relieving dryness and boosting the skin’s capacity to retain moisture, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines in the process.

Here are our favourite uses for Nutri-Rich Oil

Dry skin fix

Cooler weather equals parched, rough and patchy skin. Fans use Nutri-Rich Oil from head-to-toe to hydrate chapped skin. For instant relief, Apricot Kernel Oil absorbs and nourishes instantly. It also works for dry lips, dry elbows, stretch marks, scarring and everything in between. 

Overnight rescue

For an extra nourishing boost overnight, many fans use Nutri-Rich Oil in place of night crème to wake-up glowing. Antioxidants like Vitamin E minimise premature ageing while you sleep, while Carrot Oil improves elasticity and tone.

Under make-up

Make-up artists swear by Nutri-Rich Oil, mixing a dash with foundation to get that perfect dewy finish. You can also dab a little on cheekbones to create a beautiful illuminated, lifted look.

Soften cuticles

For mani-perfect hands, gently massage into cuticles and the nail bed to soften and replenish whilst also giving nails a slight shine. 

A hair hero

Nutri-Rich Oil can be used to tame unruly flyways and condition dry, split ends. Apricot Kernel Oil is also the key Ingredient in our Nutri-Rich Haircare Range.

Here is the official list. 30 amazing uses for Nutri-Rich Oil. 

Try them all and see for yourself why this is the hardest working beauty product you will ever own.

  1. Night cream
  2. Masque
  3. Neck & décolletage treatment
  4. Cuticle cream
  5. Lip balm
  6. Bath oil
  7. Massage oil
  8. Styling gel/hair wax
  9. Non-petroleum lip gloss
  10. Day cream for extremely dry skin
  11. Cracked & dry heels, knees and elbows
  12. Helps minimise stretch marks during and after pregnancy
  13. Improves the appearance of scarring
  14. Soother and nourisher after shaving (men and women)
  15. Blend with your body cream for an extra-nourishing treat
  16. Aids in soothing dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema
  17. Nourishes split ends
  18. Soothes dry, cracked nipples
  19. Helps to soothe blisters and sunburn
  20. Helps ease windburn
  21. Soothes skin after body piercing
  22. Helps to soothe burns at dry stage
  23. Helps to soothe heat rash
  24. Rub for tired, aching feet
  25. Soothes chapped noses
  26. Helps prevent cradle cap and nappy rash
  27. Hot oil treatment for hair – especially for dry damaged hair
  28. Apply to hairline when colouring hair to help prevent staining the skin
  29. Hair smoothing treatment to minimise frizz
  30. Hand rejuvenation – massage onto hands and apply plastic wrap to warm the oil



Not tried Nutri-Rich Oil yet? If you’d like to try the handbag size before committing to the full sized jar, checkout Nutri-Rich Oil Ointment here. 

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