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Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

Dull, puffy skin be gone! Crystal facials are having a moment. Crystal rollers are the massaging tools that have all the beauty experts talking right now. 

As always, we like to bring you the newest trends first. Enter the newest skincare accessory from our vegan little sister, IRYNA! The cute and compact Clear Quartz Facial Roller targets the smallest areas of the face, so that you can massage everywhere. The petite size is easy to hold and manoeuver, perfect for travel and to take on the go! So why not stock up on IRYNA goodies and treat your face to a skin loving massage and some self-care with crystal power!


So what is the Clear Quartz Petite Facial Roller and how do I use it?

You can enhance your skincare ritual with this petite facial roller massaging tool, crafted from Clear Quartz Crystal to relax and calm. With its rolling motion, use this ancient beauty tool to release tension and stress in the facial and neck muscles, help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, tone and firm appearance of skin,
stimulate circulation for a visible glow and encourage a natural detoxification process. The petite shape is perfect to target smaller areas of the face including the eyes, nose and mouth.

The massaging motion increases blood circulation while helping to improve tone and also more effectively infusing your skincare ingredients into skin. Our IRYNA Clear Quartz Petite Facial Roller is the perfect partner to use with IRYNA Antioxidant Rose Elixir.  Watch this video to see how it's done! 



Why Clear Quartz?

  1. Clear Quartz is believed to encourage positive feeling and thoughts.
  2. Clear Quartz has a very high silica content, which is an important mineral for skin health, so it’s thought to improve the overall wellbeing of your skin when used for rolling massage.
  3. Use this crystal tool to release tension and stress, both physically and emotionally.

    What are the benefits?
  • It’s so easy to roll away worries. Just spend a couple of minutes during your beauty ritual and give yourself a mini facial massage. Make it part of your daily routine to give your face a little extra love.
  • Keeping a consistent skincare routine and incorporating your roller can help calm your complexion! An especially beneficial way to keep your facial roller is in the fridge before use. The cold will calm any inflammation and leave your skin feeling refreshed.
  • Facial tension is a real thing – being a natural occurrence in your body in response to emotional or physical stress.
  • By gently rolling your facial roller all over your face, focusing on your temple, you can feel refreshed and relieved as soon as the tension strikes. We love to keep our roller in our purse – you can always
    use the roller on its own!

Facial roller massage may help to:

  • Increases blood flow to the skin
  • Reduce appearance of puffiness and fine lines
  • Bring a natural glow to your complexion, boosting circulation for added radiance and glow
  • Ease facial muscle tension
  • Firm and tone the skin
  • Aids and promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Promote product absorption and penetration into skin
  • Provide a cool and soothing effect on the skin

What else you need to know …

TIP: Store in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation, or dip in warm water to create a warm stone massage.
CARE TIP: After every use gently wipe with a soft clean cloth and warm water. Lay flat to dry.
WARNING: Fragile, handle with care. Do not expose to heat.
BONUS TIP: Use your Quartz stone roller over Ultra Care+ Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Masque to intensify your treatment and promote deep hydration.


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