What is liquid exfoliation?

Written by Lisa

Move over scrubs and polishes. Liquid exfoliation is hailed to be the biggest new trend in skincare for 2019. According to Refinery 29, searches for ‘liquid exfoliators are up +58% on pinterest

Enter NEW Ultra Care+ AHA Complex Refining Solution, our multi-action, concentrated formula targets pores, smooths wrinkles, pigmentation and more, fast. Best of all, it’s made with extra gentle natural fruit acids like Glycolic Acid, its 100% alcohol free and its even suitable for sensitive skin. Who needs harmful chemicals?

A little goes a long way, just use in place of toner and swipe with a cotton wool pad. You will see a radiant glow almost immediately – and who doesn’t love a product that you can see working straight away. But best of all after 30 days, skin texture is totally transformed. Just look at your real results to prove it.

Your AHA power peel results


Experience all of these benefits in just one step 

  • Removes dead skin cells for a smoothing effect and a brighter complexion
  • It helps unblock pores and removes the bacteria that leads to breakouts
  • See noticeable changes in wrinkles, skin hydration, skin elasticity and tone
  • Helps to retexturise the skin’s surface
  • Minimises the effects of sun damage, scarring … and more



Natural acids are kind, gentle and great for your skin. 

The scientific name for AHAs is Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. They occur naturally in plant sugars and are found in lots of foods. Fruit Acids are not scary – they are gentle. And they work miracles on a number of issues: from scarring, blemishes, pigmentation, dullness and even hydration. Our formula uses: Pure Glycolic Acid is hailed to be "a game changing ingredient", for it's ability to remove dead skin cells, targets oiliness and dullness and reduces the appearance of pores. It's also has the tiniest molecule size of all the AHAs, so its super effective at penetrating deep into pores. 


Application tips

TIP 1: Don't go overboard. Over-exfoliation of any kind can lead to sensitisation, dryness and irritation. We recommend to use AHA twice a week to start off. 

TIP 2: If skin is sensitive, always patch test before use and use just once a week. Work up to every second night over four weeks to build skin tolerance.

TIP 3: You're more vulnerable to sun exposure after using liquid exfoliation, so it's best to apply at night, and follow-up with a broad spectrum sunscreen afterwards. 



What is the difference between physical exfoliation and liquid or chemical exfoliation?

Imagine your skin is a wall with wallpaper on it and you need to get the wallpaper off. You can scrub it off, but you might scratch or damage the wall (your skin). Alternatively, you can use wallpaper dissolver (aka liquid exfoliation) which is gentle and dissolves the wallpaper glue (problematic dead skin cells) to reveal the new wall beneath (a rejuvenated complexion).


What do AHAs do for skin? 

AHAs stimulate exfoliation, removing dull, rough skin and activating cell renewal. Gentle acids penetrate the deeper layers, encouraging deep cell renewal giving you more youthful looking skin.

Which skin types will benefit from AHAs? 

All skin types benefit, but AHAs are especially suited to oily or acne prone skin, dull or uneven skin tones, or ageing complexions with UV damage and visible lines.

How does the solution compare to in-clinic glycolic peels, enzyme or AHA peel treatments?

Depending on the Peel treatment you choose, in-clinic peels can risk downtime, peeling and redness, as well as multiple treatments and high expense. This Solution is a natural, affordable and pain free alternative for effective pore refining, rejuvenation benefits.

Can it cause any damage to my skin?

AHA Complex Refining Solution is safe and dermatologically tested. It’s made with gentle soothing and nourishing natural ingredients including Soothing Aloe Vera and hydrating Australian Lilly Pilly. Unlike many AHA formulas on the skincare market, AHA Complex Refining Solution is also completely alcohol-free so it will not dry skin out or damage the skin barrier.



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