Women we love Meet Becc Cullen

Becc built lifelong friendships, a thriving business and a second income – all by working less than an hour a day.

Written by Lisa

Becc Cullen Executive Sales Manager, Dubbo New South Wales

Becc is a mum with four children under 10. When she moved to a small rural country town, she struggled to meet new people and suffered from anxiety. Nutrimetics was the last thing she ever thought about trying, until her sister convinced her to give it a go. Eleven years later, the opportunity has completely transformed her confidence. She’s built lifelong friendships, a thriving business and a second income – all by working less than an hour a day. Here’s how she did it.

I started my Nutrimetics business because...

It meant I didn’t have to feel trapped in a full time job. I do just two beauty treatments a week and I can still earn a full time wage. I don’t have to worry about baby sitters, ever. I get to spend as much time as I like with my family AND I get to go out and have ‘me time’ doing treatments. I love pampering people and having fun. Moving to a very small town, there’s no way I would’ve been able to meet the incredible women that are now in my life, had it not been for Nutrimetics. It forced me out of my comfort zone. I’ve overcome so many fears and anxieties, and it’s evolved into something that’s really helped me grow as a person.

At my first beauty Treatment...

I was so nervous I was shaking the whole time! It was really scary but I felt so happy when everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Nine years later, I still have the same customer’s booking in with me regularly for Treatments. I feel so grateful that they still support me and they’ve seen firsthand the growth that Nutrimetics has brought into my life. I make sure my Treatments are easy going and pressure-free so everyone loves the experience as much as I do. My hostesses and guests love chatting and the excuse to catch up. By creating a beautiful, social experience, I begin with five strangers and leave with five new friends. My diary is fully booked until February next year by taking this approach.

A typical day running my business looks like…

Me in my pyjamas playing with the kids mostly. I get the kids off to school and do the house work. Then I manage my business at home with the baby, chatting on the phone to Hostesses and posting on social media. I do no more than an hour a day on my business and the rest of the time is for the family. I do so much online now it makes it all so easy and manageable. I can do my Hostess coaching, bookings and training new sponsored Consultants in a very short time so it’s really effective. Then I just do two Treatments a week. Because we live so far out it can mean long drives, so I love how easy it is to actively support and look after team (and my customers) all from home thanks to NutriHUB.


Bec having fun at a nutrimetics treeatment


My biggest achievement has been…

Achieving International Seminar and going to Barcelona for free with my sister for her 40th birthday, that was unforgettable. But being able to stay home with the kids, nothing can top that. The fact that I don’t have to go to an office every day and work full time is just the best. Leaving my kids in expensive day care would be so hard. I was the director of a pre-school before Nutrimetics, working very long hours and taking work home in the evenings. I would be due back with just 8 weeks maternity leave, had it not been for my beauty business. I love that I will never have to work full time again.

My advice for anyone starting would be…

Listen to your upline manager, stay focused and make your ‘why’ so important its worth getting out of bed and picking-up the phone to get bookings every day. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s just so true that if you surround yourself with motivated, enthusiastic people and never let NO stand in the way of you achieving your dreams, anything is possible



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