Your five minute winter bodycare routine

Get soft skin all over in just five minutes with Nutri-Rich

Written by Lisa

Overhaul your winter bodycare routine in a few simple steps


If you’re feeling the effects of time indoors as well as the weather change, you can bet your skin is too! Extra time spent in front of heaters, hotter showers stripping our skin, washing our hands frequently, and less moisture in the air, all contribute to more dry, flaky, cracked skin which can also lead to more irritated skin, tightness and redness.


Why bodycare matters

The largest organ, our skin, has a large surface area exposed to the elements, your body’s surface needs to receive necessary hydration and potent ingredients on a regular basis. A consistent bodycare routine plays a vital part in maintaining the health and appearance of skin and provides essential moisturisation, protection and nourishment.

It’s important to take care of our skin all year round, but even more so in winter to counteract the environmental changes that impact our skin.

We understand the importance of top to toe skincare products for your whole body for smooth and supple skin with luxurious and easy to use skin-loving formulas. Body care is self care!

We are often very conscious of our skincare and play close attention to treating the skin on our face, and tend to neglect the skin on our bodies and not care for it in the same way! It is just as important to cleanse,
exfoliate, moisturise and treat the skin on our bodies to remove dead skin cells, encourage cell turnover and more radiant skin, promote an even skin tone, and keep skin elastic and less irritated. When skin is properly
moisturised it is more elastic, looks younger and more supple and plump. 



Twice a week, use Nutri-Rich Apricot Sugar Scrub before showering. It can be used on wet or dry skin depending on desired level of scrub. Rub all over the body in circular motions to remove dead skin cells.


Massage Nutri-Rich Shower Oil onto skin morning and/or night in the shower to cleanse and provide deep nourishment. 


After showering, apply Nutri-Rich Body Creme all over body to lock in moisture. Repeat application throughout the day if desired.


Massage Nutri-Rich Hand Creme all over hands & cuticles. Re-apply throughout the day for soft, smooth hands. 


Use Nutri-Rich Oil Ointment on areas of concern that need intense nourishment and barrier protection. Apply a small amount & rub in, re-apply if needed.




  • Dry skin may need more rounds of application throughout the day. Moisturising the body should be a vital part of your self-care routine in the morning, before you head to bed, and especially after a shower.
  • If your skin is feeling extra dry or irritated, pat your body with a towel rather than rubbing after showering to prevent further irritation.
  • When applying your bodycare remember use it as time to focus on the present moment - the action of applying the product and doing good for your skin - we all need some me time, even if it is only 5 minutes a day!

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