Your lipstick horoscope

Find the perfect shade for your star sign.
Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

Forget matching your lip colour to your eyes! Match your colours to the essence of your soul. Just as astrological signs can help give insight into our personalities and behaviours, so choosing colours based on your star sign is the most mystical way to find the best lip colour for you. What do the planets say about your lip future? Read on to find out.

We’ve colour matched your shade choices to our brand NEW lipstick collection, nc Radiant Colour Lipsticks. Deep moisture, rich creamy colour and soft, buttery shine in a cruelty free, 100% vegan friendly formula, they’re the little black lipsticks that do it all. Love power reds, neutral nudes, bold brights and ‘pop-it’ pinks – finding your shade has never been so much fun. Whichever kind of lip look you are looking for, you'll find it in this new collection.

Lipstick horoscope



Aries are natural born leaders, tenacious and passionate. Your colour should be classic and powerful, just like you. Try this warm crimson shade of Red Velvet, for your next power-femme look.



As earth signs, Tauruses feel at home in toned-down, calm colours. You can always depend on a Taurus, just like a Nude Coral lip. This sensual, serene colour has you written all over it.



The social butterflies of the zodiac, Geminis are the life and soul of every party. Aztec Bronze matches with your outgoing spirit and sense of vibrancy.



Emotional and loyal, imaginative and compassionate, Cancerians will feel right at home in the comforting cool undertones of Plush Pink. This pretty nude pink leaves lips looking naturally flushed.



Take charge and get everyone's attention with a bolder style by going all out with Frosted Grape. Because nothing says "Leo" like a bold bright that conveys courage and individuality.



A neat and practical shade like Cashmere Rose is perfect for any organisation loving Virgo. The warm undertones will match your warm heart and gentle nature.



Full of charm, refinement and positivity, nothing is more Libra than the perfect Raspberry pink. Idealistic, you love to look on the bright side and so do your lips.



Fearless and persistent, anything "berry" was destined for you, Scorpio. The luscious Berry Bliss shade will enliven your look with a hint of vamp, just the way you like it.



You’re spontaneous, fun and optimistic, so wear a punchy pop of Candy Red on your next adventure. This shade won’t be as stubborn as you are when you try to remove it.



Wise ambitious and collected, the wearable, neutral shade Gelato Pink will set you up for the success you're dreaming of.



You’re a daydreamer and a creator, so you need a lipstick that matches your imaginative personality, Aquarius. The warm tones in Candy Red should help convey your independence.



Always the pleasure seeker, you wear your heart on your sleeve. So why not wear it on your lips, Pisces? Only the soft, romantic tones of Cashmere Rose will do for you.


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