Your spring cleaning checklist

Use this handy spring cleaning checklist, plus discover tips and tricks on how to make the most out of our environmentally friendly cleaning range.

Written by Lisa



Spring is the perfect time to go beyond the weekly dusting, sweeping and mopping to get your home thoroughly-cleaned.


Use this checklist to ensure every room in your home has been given a deep clean down to the very last detail. Plus, checkout our tips to make the most of our world famous, environmentally friendly multi-use OLC (Original Lotion Concentrate) formulas.



o Clean stove top

o Clean oven

o Clean microwave

o Clean dishwasher

o Clean fridge

o Defrost freezer

o Discard old or expired food in cupboards

o Degrease cabinet doors

o Wipe walls and skirting boards

o Mop floors


TIP: Save money on the dishes

Don’t waste money on washing up liquid. Just a drop of OLC will make all dishes sparkle.




o Empty, wash and recycle expired products

o Clean make-up brushes

o Wipe mirrors

o Clean tub and shower

o Clean shower head

o Scrub tile grout

o Clean toilet

o Mop floors

o Wipe walls


TIP: Spring clean your beauty

Getting rid of expired make-up, skincare and hair products is a quick way to de-clutter. Look out for this symbol on the packaging – then re-stock with favourites from our naturally enriched, cruelty free range.  




o Wipe baseboards

o Dust/polish furniture

o Donate unused clothing

o Wash bedding including sheets, pillows, duvets and bed skirts

o Vacuum carpets

o Flip mattress

o Dust blinds

o Dust curtain rods

o Clean window sills

o Mop or vacuum floors


TIP: Don’t forget pets

Puppies and dogs will love feeling spring fresh and clean after a bath with OLC’s gentle, pH balanced, pet friendly formula.



Living Room

o Dust and polish furniture

o Wash blankets and pillows

o Vacuum sofa and chairs

o Dust blinds

o Dust curtain rods

o Clean window sills

o Wash windows

o Clean ceiling fans

o Dust and clean lamp shades

o Mop and vacuum floors


TIP: Target old carpet spills

Simply brush stains and spills with OLC added to warm water then blot with a damp cloth.



Garage & outdoors

o Sweep up pathways and driveways

o Open up garage door to air out the space

o Clean garage door & door frame

o Give the BBQ a thorough clean


TIP: Make outdoors sparkle

Your house exterior deserves as much spring love as indoors. Hevi-Clean can be used to tackle tough dirt, grease and grime on bikes, fences, pathways, BBQs, decking, ourtdoor furniture, bins and much more.



Throughout the House

o Test and replace smoke alarm batteries

o Clean air vents

o Clean light fixtures

o Replace light bulbs as needed

o Sanitise door handles

o Sanitise light switches


TIP: Laundry spring refresh

Your washing machine needs cleaning, just like everything else in your home. Washing your machine can help avoid odours that can build up on your clothing. For a detergent that is natural and gentle even on sensitive skin, use OLC laundry heroes.


6 more reasons to love Nutri-Clean

Tracey-and-charlieNutriClean formulas are plant based & environmentally friendly. Prioritise your family’s well-being and the planet, too.

1. OLC is made of natural extracts from the Yukka Tree.

2. OLC is pH balanced, clinically tested and approved by dermatologists to be non-irritating even on sensitive skin.

3. You won’t find any phosphates, formaldehyde, bleaches, chlorine or animal derivatives in our OLC formula.

4. OLC has anti-static properties to repel dust.

5. OLC is fully biodegradable and sustainable, so it’s great for the environment too.

6. You can mix OLC with water or use undiluted for great results all over your home.

OLC table


Watch more great OLC tips here.


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