Your ultimate guide to sheet masking

Bamboo fibre sheet masks feel lightweight and silky on the skin, and stay in place for outstanding absorption.

Written by Lisa

Learn everything you need to know about winter’s favourite beauty trend with NEW Ultra Care+ Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Masques.


Meet your weekly skin saviour to renew, replenish, and revive. Targeted, concentrated and effective, sheet masks give results way beyond the impact of your daily routine. An instant solution for softer, smoother and hydrated skin, Ultra Care+ Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Masques leave all complexions hydrated, softer and brighter – in a matter of minutes. The bamboo fibre sheet masks feel lightweight and silky on the skin, and stay in place for outstanding absorption.


About the trend

Sheet masks are the hottest trend on Instagram. A permanent staple in Asian skincare, sheet masks give ‘instant gratification.’ They are essentially serum-drenched pre-soaked sheet of material that is left on the face to better penetrate the skin. In short, sheet masks are everywhere, and for good reason.


Watch the Nutrimetics HQ Sheet mask challenge here


How do sheet masks work?

Sheet masks provide all the benefits of a face mask with the delivery and potency of a serum – in one easy treatment. The material prevents the evaporation of beneficial ingredients – allowing the skin to ‘rest’ while the formula saturates and hydrates, with brightening and firming ingredients. They are the perfect boost to your customer’s current skin routine when they need to re-energise the appearance of a tired, dull and dehydrated skin.

Plus unlike traditional face masks that require cleansing after use, the sheet mask’s serum is left on skin once the sheet is removed to maximise skincare benefits – no rinsing required. Sheet masks are mess-free and perfect for those who are time poor as they work in just 15 minutes.


Our Bamboo infused sheet mask dos and don'ts

DO: Start clean

Even if you’re not wearing make-up, cleansing your skin pre-mask will ensure it best absorbs all those powerful active ingredients.

DO: Tone up

You can apply a mist or light toner pre-masking. Because they are so lightweight, they’ll sink into the skin and won’t interfere with the sheet mask’s hydrating power.

DO: Mask often

Use once a week or whenever you’re skin is feeling extra dry. The great thing about sheet masks is that you can technically use them however often you choose. They are gentle-yet-powerful treatments.

DON’T: Leave on too long

If you leave your sheet mask on until it dries, it will begin to re-absorb the moisture from the skin. The opposite result of what you want!

DON’T: Rinse off

The ingredients in sheet masks are designed to be left on, just like a serum. Simply massage in the leftover liquid and apply the rest of your skincare steps; moisturiser, eye cream and sunscreen.

DON’T: Waste the leftovers

Take the extra serum from the sheet mask sachet and pat it into your neck, décolleté — even your hands. Skin all over will love the leftover fluid’s nutrients.


For softer, smoother, hydrated skin, fast!


mask real results

Five reasons to love NEW Ultra Care+ Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Masques.

Ultra Care+ Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Masques have been carefully formulated with intensely hydrating, firming, softening and brightening ingredients (including Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber, Elderflower, Vitamin C and Mulberry). The Bamboo fibre sheet masks are not only sustainable and eco-friendly, but feel lightweight and silky on the skin whilst staying in place for outstanding absorption.

  1. You see instant results – see and feel the difference right away. Use them for a quick DIY facial, prep before make-up or just some time to pamper and relax.
  2. The Bamboo fibre material stays in place on skin with a lightweight silky feel, so both you can #maskandtask with ease.
  3. These masks lead the way when it comes to the self-care trend – if you have undergone a lot of stress right, you will love the relaxing and pampering effect.
  4. Unlike other sheet masks available, our carefully chosen, innovative and intensely hydrating active ingredients are added at maximum percentage for both an instant AND longer term results.
  5. From sensitive, to ageing to breakout prone skin, these sheet masks give great results on all skin types and ages.

Remember you can partner NEW Ultra Care+ Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Masques with every Nutrimetics skincare regime for enhanced results. 

How to pair a sheet mask with your skincare regime


Try the 15 minute Bamboo infused facial for yourself and shop NEW Ultra Care+ Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Masques today. 


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